MEDIA WORKING GROUP is a not-for-profit media, education and publishing organization serving its membership community of media makers, educators, artists, researchers and writers with a networked communications and organizational platform.


The Network Documedia Project –
Infrastructures of Everyday Life”
Media Working Group’s Network Project is a documentary and multi-platform documedia initiative exploring the historical and collective conditions, the structured experiences underlyng the emergence of the Internet-style communications networks. Produced and directed by Fred Johnson.
The Network Project has recently completed a short documentary for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s MuniNetworks Project on The City of Sandy, Oregon’s gigabit Internet service.


Sandy, Oregon’s gigabit network was recently featured in an article in Ars Technica. “Where broadband is a utility, 100Mbps costs just $40 a month”

Media Working Group projects are supported in part through crowd sourcing, grants, and commissions by the National Endowment for the Arts, National Science Foundation, Fledgling Fund, Ohio Arts Council, California Endowment, California Humanities, Kentucky Educational Television Independent Fund, Frances Fund, Kentucky Humanities Council, Kentucky Historical Commission, and private donors.

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