Tall-Escalier Rocamdour

Motion picture storytelling is a complex process that requires aesthetic, technical, and financial consideration – veteran producers, directors, writers, and curriculum designers can work with you to bring your idea into actuality.

Some services are fee-based or can be executive producer activities.  As a Member you can ask for advice or mentoring.

DEVELOP AND MANAGE NEW PROJECTS –  Benefit from collective years of experience in producing independent documentary and dramatic film in the U.S., Britain, Europe, East Europe, and Africa.

FUNDRAISING AND GRANTWRITING – When you join you will receive consultation on fundraising for your project and get tips on writing your best grant.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCING and DISTRIBUTION – If you need comrades to help move your project along, it could be us.

PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT – We can help you develop a Public Engagement Strategy that starts from inception of your project.  Identifying and developing a community partnership approach is the foundation of engagement and will move the work out into the world and into action.

CURRICULA AND STUDY GUIDES – Get your films to the people who can use it – teachers, organizers, students.  We can help plan and produce classroom or workshop curricula and action toolkits.

ONLINE PRODUCING – We can train you to use social networking planning and implementation or we can do it for you.

ONLINE PROJECT MAPPING – We can help you visualize data and design and producer representations for you film or digital project.

PRODUCT FULFILLMENT – we can handle your sales shipping and handling from our central location. Special rates are given to producing members.

FILM PRODUCT PACKAGING DESIGN – We can help you create beautiful, and inexpensive cover art, posters, post cards and fliers.