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We can provide provide boutique, personalized (helpful) web hosting with customized web stores providing secure credit card services without the costly monthly fees.

We’ve been providing servers space for the independent media and arts community since 1995.

•    Web hosting – $10 a month
•    Web hosting with store and credit card services    $10 + 9% (covers transaction fees)

Members enjoy free web pages on the MWG site and/or free hosting of a web site or blog

Cooperative Web Store – We’ve customized our secure store which allows discreet use of credit card services (without the monthly commitment to you) for your own store or as part of the MWG store (you must become an Advanced Producing Member). We also provide portable credit card service for on-point purchasing.

Fulfillment – We can provide fulfillment services for your films and art products. Already have a web site and store?  We can provide these services from our nationally centrally located site.